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Garden furniture

Price for whole set: 582 €.
  • cast aluminium parts are rust-resistant
  • coloured on dust process, heat to 200°C
  • solid pine sections are water-resistant
  • the wood is coated twice with water-based paint
  • fixing is possible on both sides of metal parts, providing a very rigid structure
  • use for: domestic and public gardens (parks, camps, bus stops, schools,
    kindergardens, catering establishments,...)

Today, nearly every house has at least a small garden or space intended for relaxation. Nearly all gardens are equipped with garden furniture, which is practically essential. Garden furniture enhances the aesthetics and usefulness of a garden. We have been involved in creating garden furniture sets for nearly 15 years. Our garden furniture sets consist of a table and two benches. Due to its traditional form, we have named the collection “Vienna garden furniture” - Solid Wood Garden Furniture. The tables and benches are made of solid pine boards and die-cast aluminium frames (rust-free). The boards are bolted to the frame on both sides, making them strong and sturdy (this is particularly important for the benches). One advantage of our tables is that the table legs are connected bysupport beams – and the benches can be bolteddown to the floor, which is especially useful in public areas.

The types of wood available include:

• Painted pine wood (cherry-red)
• Impregnated pine wood
• Siberian larch wood

The Solid Wood Garden Furniture is suitable for private areas (gardens, balconies, terraces…) and public areas (parks, campgrounds, schools, kindergartens, bus stops, cafes & restaurants…). Our garden sets have very stylish benches with anatomically shaped seats and comfortable backrests. They are intended primarily for people who are fond of a real homey feeling and like to spend theirleisure time resting and relaxing in the garden.


Solid Wood Garden Furniture

• Painted pine wood (cherry-red)
• Impregnated pine wood
• Siberian larch wood

Every house needs a special corner outdoors among the trees, where you can get together with friends after work and enjoya glass of wine, a little snack and some great conversation, or simply enjoy any free time you may have with your family, friends or loved ones. Our Solid Wood Garden Furniture offers you all this and more. The rust-free aluminium frames ensure long-term durability and provide exceptional resistance to abrasion and extreme weather conditions. Our Solid Wood Garden Furniture provides both comfort and practicality. The fact that the wooden parts are protected by waterproofcoating increases the life and usefulness of our furniture. There are three different types of wood to choose from (painted pine wood, impregnated pine wood and Siberian larch wood). The garden tables will be available for use in private and public areas, at picnics and events.

Our Solid Wood Garden Furniture is designed to ensure correct sitting posture as the back of the benches is anatomically shaped for correct alignment of the spine.

You can choose from a wide range of lengths, widths, heights, and weights of garden tables and benches.With our Solid Wood Garden Furniture, you will finally be able to understand the true sense of leisure time.

Do it yourself:

Price: 90€ for a pair.
Anatomic shape of the seat and back support offers comfortable seating.


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 Product   Length   Width   Height   Weight   Price
  Chair   70   60   45   18kg 126 € 
  Bench   192   60   45   30kg 180 € 
Bench for 3 persons   160   60   45   26kg 180 € 
Bench for 2 persons   130   60   45   23kg 174 € 
  Table   192   72   75   31kg 222 € 
  Table   160   72   75   27kg 222 € 
  Table   100   72   75   23kg